It’s widely known amongst college students and their peers that if you need to study, you need to eat. Not three-course meals, but a light snack that tastes good, doesn’t get all over your textbooks and is filling. Enter, Brooklyn Popcorn.

Brooklyn Popcorn passed the test at an event at Columbia University on November 4, 2013, where some faculty and students viewed a film and had a discussion afterward. Refreshments, of course, were served and Brooklyn Popcorn stepped up to the plate. Both students and faculty had a chance to sample some of our most delish flavors and we’re pretty sure we made some new friends and study partners!

Columbia University has been a part of the New York landscape since 1754, so it is a true honor that they chose Brooklyn Popcorn to serve their needs at their event. And while we had fond past memories of cramming for exams, partying and…well, partying, we couldn’t resist putting our intellectual cap on and tell our guests about the ins and outs of gourmet popcorn addiction. (Okay, not really, but we still had fun).

Columbia University is the oldest college in the state of New York, founded way back in 1754 – that’s quite impressive. Even more impressive than that, are its educational curriculum and the cool contributions in research they make to the world. The Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory is an extension of Columbia University and studies ecological events like earthquakes, tornadoes and climate change. Columbia’s Nevis Laboratories contributes to the world of science, and focuses on concepts like nuclear physics.

We think Columbia University is a pretty awesome place and we’re so happy to have had an opportunity to serve them. Our hats go off to their faculty and students for continuing excellence in education and churning out some super smart people who will make a difference in our world.

Brooklyn Popcorn can cater your next event too! We offer many ways to “crash” your party – from arriving in our gourmet popcorn truck to setting up a gourmet popcorn table – it’s really up to you. We’ll bring the bags, tins and lots of popcorn in a variety of flavors, or whatever flavors you choose, to set the mood right for your party or meeting. And while we don’t possess PhDs or assume to know the molecular structure of an atom, we know a lot about popcorn, and we think that makes us pretty cool. Visit our Event Planning page to inquire about pricing.

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