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Brooklyn popcorn In The media

Hot off the presses – it’s Brooklyn Popcorn! We’ve freshly prepared our mouth-watering popcorn to be ready for your next event or party! Check out all the great events that Brooklyn Popcorn has been catering and caught being the cool food! Whether hired to do an event or simply handing out free samples, we’ve got all the eye-catching photos and newsworthy articles featuring Brooklyn Popcorn out and about in New York. Why not let Brooklyn Popcorn cater your next event and put your next party in the spotlight too? Lights, camera, Brooklyn Popcorn!

Email us at [email protected]. We’re here to help.

columbia university event

It’s widely known amongst college students and their peers that if you need to study, you need to eat. Not three-course meals, but a light snack that tastes good, doesn’t get all over your textbooks and is filling. Enter, Brooklyn Popcorn.

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Alpha House event

On October 25, 2013, Brooklyn Popcorn catered an event for the staff and film crew of Amazon’s new sitcom Alpha House. The show is inspired and based on the real-life story of two senators and two congressmen who ended up renting an apartment and living together in Washington DC.

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CBGB New York Festival

Brooklyn Popcorn had an opportunity to show our fellow New Yorkers, and thousands of other music and film lovers, what it means to have a good time – and cut a mean rug.

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Google Movie Night Event  -Brooklyn Popcorn

What’s better than watching a movie outdoors, by the water in the cool night air? You guessed it! Brooklyn Popcorn had the pleasure of serving it up to movie-goers at Google’s Movie Night, June 25, 2013 in the NYC.

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Bose Event - Brooklyn Popcorn

We all love good music, right? And nothing goes better with some head noddin’, toe-tappin’ jams better than gourmet popcorn! Brooklyn Popcorn was thrilled to be hanging out and serving up some hot, fresh gourmet popcorn to event patrons at BOSE’s Better Sound event in the NYC.

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ABC Family Event - Brooklyn Popcorn

Brooklyn Popcorn got a chance to please the palates of Disney, ABC Family and Universal McCann employees in April 2013. We spent the day rewarding their hard work with some of our best flavors.

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Tribeca Film Festival - Brooklyn Popcorn

Each year, the Tribeca Film Festival gives filmmakers an opportunity to show their talents to a huge audience of movie fans, people in the filmmaking business and anyone who can appreciate a good film. It’s also a chance for New York City to shine in the film world. Of course, no movie is the same without popcorn – gourmet popcorn that is. And Brooklyn Popcorn was there to save the day!

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Brooklyn Popcorn was honored to be able to serve movie patrons at the SVA Theatre in New York City on March 23, 2013. The event, a collaboration between, Art Not War and USA Action, hosted a special screening of Michael Moore’s “Bowling for Columbine” film.

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Brooklyn Popcorn - Launches Truck

After months of planning, developing, taste-tasting and much support from family, friends and popcorn lovers everywhere, the streets of New York will never quite be the same.

Brooklyn Popcorn, newly launched, is taking New Yorkers by storm – street by street, borough by borough. The world’s first “Gourmet Popcorn Truck on Wheels” features mouth-watering, delicious popcorn that is popped fresh daily and has flavors that will have you sneaking away from the office, just to catch a whiff of that mesmerizing popcorn aroma. Ahhh!

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